The Mynah Birds 7" Single LP

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Title: LP

The Mynah Birds: Rick “James” Matthews, Neil Young, Bruce Palmer, John Taylor and Rickman Mason

The Mynah Birds were a Canadian band that signed to Motown in 1966, featuring as its lead singer a young Ricky Matthews, later the “King of Punk Funk” Rick James, and the future legend Neil Young as its lead guitar player. The Mynahs had recorded their first single when Rick was put in the brig for being AWOL from the military, forcing Motown to put the tracks back on the shelf. Young and Mynah’s bassist Bruce Palmer left for L.A. and formed Buffalo Springfield. Originally only available on The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 6, and now available for the first time ever on vinyl, the songs “It’s My Time” and “Go On And Cry” will debut as a limited edition 7” single.